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Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18 1/2 Inch Smoker Review

Weber 721001 Smoky Mountain An updated version of the Weber 2820, the smoker provides a spacious interior, which makes it possible to cook a whole turkey and an entire ham at the same time–perfect for large gatherings There’s nothing better than slow-cooked barbecue, and there’s no better way to get authentic smokehouse flavor at home than with this charcoal smoker.

Made of porcelain-enamelled premium-grade steel, the smoker provides two, heavy, nickel-plated cooking grates that measure 18-1/2 inches in diameter. A handy thermometer makes it simple to check internal temperatures at a glance whilst individual vents on the bowl and lid offer optimal air-flow control for tender meats and longer-burning charcoal, the nylon handle on the lid is heat resistant and stays cool to the touch.  The charcoal smoker measures approximately 19 by 19 by 41 inches and carries a 10-year limited warranty.

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Here are some great features of the:Weber 721001

Made of porcelain-enamelled steel, this smoker comes with 2 nickel-plated 18-1/2-inch-wide cooking grates

The Weber 721001 smoker works by putting the coals at the bottom of the bullet and a water pan to act as a heat sink in the middle. This keeps the heat low and more controllable. The actual temperature control is really done by managing the number of coals you use to start your fire and then by adjusting the 3 vents at the bottom. The Weber is very easy to assemble, and it is provides a very consistent temperature which is easy to monitor. You can get a heap of information advice and of course recipes on the virtual weber website (

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Weber 721001

As a fan of the earlier Smokey Mountain Cooker, I’m surprised and gratified with the changes they made to the smoker. The previous smoker was an easy 5 stars in my book. I guess I’d have to give this one 6 stars, because it’s better!
After using my old smoker for some time, I began finding ways to improve it. Thankfully so have Weber and here are some important improvements they have come up with: Wider door for adding charcoal & such.  Built-in thermometer!  I am by no means an expert, but here are a few quick tips for using this smoker.  (Aaron Ueland)

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