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Leisure 34168G Smoke Hollow Propane-Gas Smoker Review

Outdoor Leisure  Propane Gas Smoker

The Smoke Hollow Propane Gas Smoker  is packed with plenty of versatile features for smoking a wide variety of foods with ease Great for smoking pork, beef, fish, poultry and more–all in the great outdoors–this gas smoker seals in smoke from your favourite hardwood chips for moist, tender meats, every time.

Multiple adjustment levels let you smoke slowly for days or turn up the heat to quickly marbleize side dishes and entrées. And, the smoker’s porcelain-coated wood chip box resists scorching and corrosion even under extreme heat from Pecan, Hickory, White Oak, Apple, Alder and Mesquite woodchips. The water pan is also porcelain-coated to defy corrosion through years of use and fore easy cleaning

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Here are some great features of the Leisure 34168G Smoke Hollow Propane-Gas Smoker,

The Leisure 34168G is a great propane gas smoker for outdoor cooking of meat, vegetables, and more. The Smoke Hollow has three cooking grids that,, are chrome-plated for easy cleaning and their size  approximately 16 by 14 inches ensures plenty of elbow room between pieces so that heat flows steadily upward for even cooking top to bottom. The door’s magnetic latching system prevents leaks, trapping heat at a consistent level for quality smoked foods. Fitting nicely into patio corners, campers, and even car trunks for hauling to the family reunion or tailgate party, the unit measures 34 by 16 by 14 inches Best of all, assembly is a snap with easy to follow instructions and clear labels on all parts.

The Outdoor Leisure Smoke Hollow Propane Gas Smoker comes equipped with a cast brass burner with three chrome plated cooking grids with multiple adjustment levels and porcelain coated steel water pan. This unit has a cool touch spring wire door handle and has a push button ignition system.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Leisure 34168G Smoke Hollow Propane-Gas Smoker,

I purchased a Smoke Hollow propane gas smoker from the high recommendation of a good friend who has one and uses his extensively. It arrived on time and after some painless basic assembly, I seasoned the unit using the directions included with the smoker. I was excited to christen the smoker with an offering consisting of one whole chicken, and a large pork butt (shoulder). I was NOT disappointed. The unit lights up instantly and trouble free. Temperature is easily maintained at the desired 200-220 degree mark. The entire smoker is well built and the water pan and wood fire box are constructed for many years of faithful service. ( Dan Elmore)

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