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Bradley BTIS1 Original Fully Automatic 4-Rack Outdoor Food Smoker Review

Bradley BTIS1The Original Bradley Smoker hot smokers, cold smokes and roasts to perfection. The Bradley Smoker is a self-contained, clean burning smoker that requires little attendance. Its unique smoke without fire system utilizes consistent temperature settings to avoid high-temperature gases, acids, or resins.

A door-mounted thermometer makes checking the interior temperature quick and easy, the smoker has a 500-watt cooking element, a 125-watt smoking element, and heats up to 280 degrees Fahrenheit. The Bradley smoker operates up to eight hours without refuelling.

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Here are some great features of the Bradley BTIS1

Unique smoke without fire system features wood-flavoured bisquettes that burn for around twenty minutes

The ease of use is probably the most appealing thing. No need to maintain a fire, or worry about inconsistency of heat, the Bradley does it all. This bisquettes are fed automatically and give you a great smokey flavor. The Bradley BT1S1 stays cool to the touch on the outside
Clean-up, compared to a traditional charcoal smoker, is easy: all but one piece of the removable pieces–racks, water pan and tray–fit in the dishwasher.

Bradley also has a forum where you can get all kinds of information & recipes to use. Each shelf offers an 11 inch by 13 inch cooking space, and the smoker comes with a one-year warranty

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Bradley BTIS1

After owning many smokers in my lifetime; and recently building my own, using a Bradley’s Smoke Generator; I decided to purchase one of these for the smaller capacity. The design of this unit is brilliant, using the miniscule 125 watt element to generate the necessary plus 500 degrees of heat needed to start the wood to smoke and the larger element to control the heat.
By my estimate; my costs are around a buck an hour, depending on where you buy the bisquettes. In addition; The folks at Bradley Smokers are very quick to respond in the event of a complaint as I found, after my original smoke generator failed to advance after moving 3 bisquettes (By Jonniv)

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